My Story

My story: I attended Platt College of graphic design in 1999 – 2000 earning my Associates Degree which, at the time was all that Platt offered. Platt was an incubative escape for artists from all planets. Such artists included muralists, 3D artists, graffiti specialists, web designers and musicians. Graduating with a 3.77 GPA with an Associate of Applied Science of Graphic Design, I continued with their specialized Web Design program where I achieved an additional 3.83 GPA. The truth is, I was torn choosing between specializing in Web, Video or 3D. During that time, Social Media platforms weren’t primed for advertising. I therefore chose Web in order to promote myself in the work field. During that time, I created a Flash animation which showcased select pieces from my portfolio. This animation effectively led me to several interviews.

Prior to my job search, staff members from Platt suggested that I join their team as a teacher’s assistant. This was beyond stunning because I looked up to these people as mentors. This experience reinforced my training and confidence as a Graphic Designer.

While working at Platt College in the evening, I was offered a temporary job at Delkin Devices.  Pleased with my work, Delkin asked me to join full time. While at Delkin, I studied digital photography under the company’s founder. After a few years with Delkin, I was offered a position as a Marketing Coordinator at Aqua Lung. A few months into my role, Aqua Lung offered me the graphic design position for their snorkeling division. As the company grew, I found myself designing for multiple brands and divisions. An additional designer was hired to help resolve the workload. My skills flourished after Aqua Lung hired a new marketing director in 2014. My first project with the director was to create four videos for a new instrumentation line to be showcased in France. The first video (created in iMovie) was such a success that I was approached about creating more videos. Between July and November of 2017, I spent a lot of time in Aqua Lung’s engineering department honing my 3D animation skills. By the time Aqua Lung hired a new Marketing Director, I felt confident with my new set of skills. In early 2018, I was offered the position of Lead Video and 3D animator. Since then, I’ve conceptualized products and packaging in 3D. I’ve also honed my skills in product photography, video editing and animation. Every morning I wake up and work on a new skill. This keeps me fresh and inspired before work everyday.

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