Videography, video editing & music

This video utilizes a 3D model which I rendered in Keyshot and exported into Premiere Pro with a transparent background. I modeled the instrument strap and buckles and texturized it with a pattern I created in Adobe Illustrator.
This video is used for Amazon. I shot the video in Valley Center California. The model is my son who fit the demographic perfectly. The video was edited in After Effects and output to Premiere Pro. I produced the song with loops and sound effects.
This video utilizes a 3D model which I rendered to explode in order to expose the battery. The screen recordings of the app were created with my own personal phone then integrated into the video. I also designed the DiverLog+ App logo which can be found on iTunes and Google Apps.
This video marks my directing debut. Unpleased with the material that I’d received from some photographers, I explained this concept to our marketing director at the time who have me a budget to shoot the scene of a model packing a travel bag with diving gear. The end of the scene shows him walking off the set – or to vacation. The brand logo pops out of the bag.
I created the music for this video which helped give it a soothing vibe. It ends with kinetic typography revealing the name of the product as the model does a cartwheel.

Book Cover Designs

All of these book designs are purely for portfolio purposes with the exception of “Dia de Los Muertos Doll Box” which has been sold on Etsy and iBooks.

Armando Padilla



Apparel Design



Book Cover Designs

I welcome all professionals to my website. Described as a jack of all trades, I enjoy working on everything graphic design and multimedia related.

My story: I attended Platt College of graphic design in 1999 – 2000 earning my Associates Degree which, at the time was all that Platt offered. Staff members suggested that I join their team as a teacher’s assistant. Shortly thereafter, I landed a job at Delkin Devices.  While at Delkin, I learned about digital photography. After a few years at Delkin, I was offered a position as a Marketing Coordinator at Aqua Lung. Their graphic designer abruptly left leaving a lot of unfinished work during a critical time. I jumped into the designers seat performing double duties as both a package designer and marketing coordinator. Aqua Lung offered me the graphic design position. As the company grew, I found myself designing for multiple labels. An additional designer was hired to help resolve the workload. My skills flourished after Aqua Lung hired a new marketing director in 2014. My first project with the director was to create four videos for a new instrumentation line to be showcased in France. The first video (created in iMovie) was a hit. The director later approached me about a specific vision for a video so I suggested investing in Premiere Pro. Although I graduated from Platt College with my associates in Graphic Design, I also studied video editing, multimedia, web, sound and 3-D animation. As of today, I design packaging for the Aqua Lung Sport International line as well as the Michael Phelps Swim Method brand.

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In addition to my story, I am working on a personal line of vector graphics. I’m also active on my own Threadsless Artist Shop.